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Amanda was amazing,and my husband and I are so grateful for her help and support throughout our pregnancy and birth. Not only did she help us prepare and educate ourselves for welcoming our first child,but she was an excellent emotional support when we experienced the loss of a dear family member just 2 months before our birth. She’s warm,genuine,sensible and emotionally available to her clients, she’s also very well informed and very knowledgeable. She supported us like a mother or a best friend would and we are so happy that she was there with us : -)

– Jamie Lee

I took Childbirth classes with Amanda Beaver from The Birth Nest in Niagara and it was an amazing birth! Amanda also attended my birth as my doula. The whole experience was very relaxed and mostly pain free – what pain/pressure there was was totally manageable using the visualizations and breathing that I learned in class. I was even in denial that I was in transition until Amanda insisted on calling the midwives after timing a few of them. She was right and the midwives arrived just in time! Even after my baby was born I was still totally shocked that it wasn’t “harder.” I’d definitely recommend Amanda to anyone wanting to avoid drugs during childbirth!

– Lisa Durand

On February 28th we met with Amanda and our backup Doula Jesslyn to discuss our birth plan which included a water birthing pool. Tanya was having what she thought were “Braxton Hicks” during the meeting so they didn’t think anything of it, as our due date was March 27th. At 2am Tanya was woken by what she later discovered to be surges (contractions). She sprung me from a deep sleep at 3am and I initially did not believe that she was in labor. After speaking to Pilar, our midwife, and observing Tanya’s condition, I understood otherwise. What followed next was an anaerobic work out up and down 3 flights of stairs as I put the two kits together (one for her, one for baby) for our time at the hospital. We finally arrived at the hospital at 5 am. Ewalina had plans of her own! When I arrived in the room, Tanya was well into her world of active and passive concentration, largely thanks to the preparation experienced from Amanda’s childbirth classes. I reminded Tanya of her deep breathing exercises and Pillar smiled informing me, to my surprise, that we were way beyond that and that Tanya was in her final stage, fully dilated. Tanya was calm and focused throughout her labor and I can proudly say that I am still amazed to this day by the miracle of life that I was allowed to witness. I cannot think of another experience that has made more of an effect on me than the witnessing of our child’s birth into this world. Ewalina was born 40 minutes later, coming into the world at 5 pounds and 5 ounces, 17 inches long, alert and ready to eat. Much to our surprise and joy she was also born as a leap year baby! I highly recommend having a doula and attending these childbirth classes as a couple, as they prepare you for the dialogue of the birth journey.

– Steve Goode and Tanya Pavelko

My partner and I were very pleased with our Doula Amanda Beaver. She helped to make our birthing experience a memorable and positive experience. Her knowledge and positive attitude was uplifting and reassuring before, during and after the birth of our son. She was a tremendous help to us during our long labour. She reminded us of our hopes and wishes, was encouraging when things weren’t going as planned and was a much needed hand to my partner when exhaustion took hold. Without her support our birthing experience would not have been the same. We highly recommend Amanda’s doula services and The Birth Nest!!

– Meghan, Dave and Baby Elliot

Amanda provided me with my birth tub for my home birth of my first child. Amanda was amazing. She delivered the tub, showed us how to set it up and take it down. I was able to contact Amanda any time with any questions I may have. Amanda picked up the tub and was a get support to us. I had difficulties breast feeding and she was able to give me suggestions and get additional information for me.

My husband and I highly reccomend Amanda!  We had a great experience working with her throughout my pregnancy and birth.  She was wonderful and supportive to our decisions during brith which was very reasuring.  I was orginally disapointed in not being able to work with a midwife during my pregnancy but finding Amanda and having her as our doula was the best of both worlds.  We would not hesitate to work with her again!

Thank you so much Amanda! I could never have done it without you. Even my husband, who could’t quite understand why we were spending money on a doula, said the best thing we did for this birth was have you there with us. We’re all so happy you could be there with us. I will recommend you to anyone and everyone I know.

We had the pleasure of using Amanda Beaver as our Doula for our fourth baby. We did not know what to expect with a Doula, and we weren’t sure what above care she would provide above our midwives, but we had heard good things about Doula’s. We were pleasantly surprised to the amount of detail Amanda paid attention to, and extra information she gave to us before the birth of our daughter. Amanda was there from the beginning of the birth, and stayed until we told her things were good, after our daughter was born. Amanda was a major part of keeping me calm during our daughters birth, as our daughter came really quickly, and I began to panic. Amanda kept me calm and gave encouragement to me while the midwives took care of the baby. Amanda did not take the place of my husband, but was able to complement him. The two of them worked together beautifully. Amanda also helped to take care of his needs as well. We are so thankful for the quality of care we received from Amanda, and would hire her again in a  heart beat. She was there throughout the postpartum days as well, ensuring I was getting what I needed and offering information, and websites to other professionals for questions I had. Thank-you Amanda Beaver for your wonderful service you offered to our family.

We met Amanda while taking her childbirth class. Her knowledge and her cheerful and easygoing demeanor helped to relieve a lot of the anxiety I was feeling before the birth of my first child. My husband and I decided to hire her as our doula based on how much we liked her and got along with her. She was extremely supportive, non-judgmental and calming during the whole experience. Amanda did everything in her power to keep me comfortable and she was completely prepared for anything with her amazing doula bag which was filled with anything and everything you would ever need during labour. She acted as my advocate when I was admitted to the hospital when I was hoping to have a home birth. We feel extremely lucky to have had Amanda by our side for the two days it took to induce and deliver my son. Amanda was very flexible and was willing to work with us on her fee. We still keep in touch with her. She is a kind and giving person. She is a wonderful doula. If you hire her, you will not be disappointed. She was a very calming and gentle influence in contrast to some of the harsh and abrupt personalities of the hospital staff. If I ever have another baby, I would not hesitate to hire Amanda again.

“Meghan was a fantastic doula.  She was completely non-judgmental and so kind.  I really enjoyed having her in our home during the postpartum period. When I couldn’t figure out what I needed her help with she found something to do that was helpful to us.  She helped me figure out a latch issue with my son as well.  It was great to have her help and to have someone to chat with for a few hours.  I really enjoyed the help and support.” – Nikki W.

We wish every new parent and every new baby could have such wonderful support! Meghan helped us out for about two months after the birth of our son. She was incredibly supportive and encouraging in teaching us basic skills and helping us through various nursing challenges. As new parents, we felt comfortable placing our son in her capable hands and her presence gave us the chance for a little much needed down time. Thanks to her help we felt confident to travel internationally with the baby. Now the only problem is that we all miss Meghan from abroad!    -E.G.

“[Meghan] should clone herself so every new parent can have her support!”

Meghan was a terrific resource for us as new parents for explaining the basics. She also provided a kind, compassionate and knowledgeable ear whenever the challenges of parenthood felt overwhelming.

You are truly blessed if you choose Julie as your doula. There is no one I’d trust more. She is maternal by nature, and knows just how to “mother the mother”. Julie goes above and beyond for her clients and ensures that their birth day is an empowered one.

B.H. , Port Colborne, ON